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Hey, I’m Lou: a software engineer fascinated by what we can build using the cloud.

The cloud industry changes fast, and I always found it difficult to keep up. After struggling to
find up-to-date and practical content I ended up just making it myself! I publish an article here every monday
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  • Where To Start With Cloud Computing? 5 Quick Tips To Get Hands-On Today. June 17, 2021
    Do you have 100 tabs open, reading about Linux, DevOps, CISCO, AWS, Azure, and wondering what it all means and where to start? I spend a lot of time talking to people getting into the cloud industry, so I know how overwhelming it can be. This very article started life as a LinkedIn question, which became ...
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  • Open Up The Cloud Newsletter #23 (April Recap 2021) May 6, 2021
    Reading this somewhere that’s not your email inbox? sign-up here. — Well hello, cloud engineering friend! First up, if you’re wondering about the name change to “Open Up The Cloud” then I know you aren’t following me on social media 😉 so let’s fix that: Instagram, Twitter! I’m currently undergoing a re-brand, moving from The Dev Coach to Open Up The Cloud, and ...
  • Cloud Software Engineering Newsletter #22 (March Recap 2021) April 7, 2021
    Reading this somewhere that’s not your email inbox? sign-up here. — Well hello! Welcome back to this month’s edition of the cloud software engineering newsletter! The newsletter is finding you a little later in the month than usual, but that’s because of the bank holiday over in the UK. Nevertheless, let’s start taking a look at this month’s ...
  • Is An AWS Certification Enough To Get You A Job? (Spoiler Alert: No) March 30, 2021
    If you’re in the space of learning AWS, it takes (roughly 😉) 0.3 seconds before someone recommends you get a certificate, right? But is that AWS certification alone enough to land you a job? And if not, what should you do as well? If this is what you’ve been pondering recently, you’re in the right place. ...
  • Which AWS Certification Should You Take First? The Definitive Answer. March 15, 2021
    When it comes to looking for jobs or just improving your career in the cloud industry, you only need 2-3 seconds (roughly 😉) on the internet before it’ll be recommended to you to get certified. I’m guessing that happened to you, because you’re now in the market for an AWS certification—did I guess right? Well, now ...