The Mission

How Open Up The Cloud came to be, and the plans for the future!

How Open Up The Cloud Started

Open Up The Cloud started off as a humble tech blog (originally called “The Dev Coach”). At some point, after struggling to find content about cloud software engineering, I begun writing about it myself (articles like: Where (And How) to Start Learning AWS as a Beginner). Before I knew it, the articles and blog was blowing up. My blogs would even outrank the main AWS site!

Naturally, over time I also begun to receive messages and questions from folks about how to get into the cloud industry. One day I woke up and realised how people were taking my advise and using it to take potentially life-changing decisions. Acknowledging this newfound responsibility, I started to take Open Up The Cloud more seriously. I was more thorough with my data and research, and I would leverage the community to validate opinions and information.

Despite the humble beginnings, Open Up The Cloud is now far more than just a blog, it’s a full-blown content platform, leveraging video and social media.

What Is Open Up The Cloud?

A content education platform to help inspire and educate folks to get a start and grow their career in cloud. Open Up The Cloud is founded on principles of transparency, openness, and inclusion and that businesses can be a force for good, not simply profit-at-all-costs. Built on a sustainable business model that supports accessible education and the surrounding communities. Open Up The Cloud brings about social change to all demographic groups through direct action, empowerment, and support for upwards mobility. With your support, we can bring this mission to life and #openupthecloud.

Thank you for being even a small part of it.


Structured — Give learning paths and guidance.

Relatable — Meet people where they’re at, be open, be honest.

Community-led — If resources exist, point to them. Avoid ivory towers.

Fundamentalism  — Focus on tried-and-true, over latest-and-greatest.

Perfectionism — Go the extra mile, add more content, edit again.

Opinionated — Don’t be vague. Make strong, simple recommendations.

Curious — Be curious about what’s next, don’t be stuck in the past.

Mutual — Help others sustainably, traditional charity often doesn’t scale.