My (highly) recommended courses to learn serverless

Serverless is one of the fastest-growing aspects of the cloud, and finding where to start can be the hardest part, so here are the courses I recommend. As always, I don’t recommend anything I haven’t bought or used myself.

TL;DR; What I Recommend

If you’re short of time, here’s what I’d recommend:

But if you’re after a bit more of a break down of each course, why I like it and why I’d recommend it, read on!

For Serverless Framework: “Serverless Framework Bootcamp: Node.js, AWS & Microservices”

Serverless Framework Course

This first course I recommend is about building serverless functions using the open-source tool Serverless Framework. You’ll deploy into AWS, and use Node.JS as the main programming language.

Serverless Framework is a very popular way to build and deploy serverless functions in the cloud, and it works across all the different cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP). So even though this introduction is within AWS, you can easily transfer knowledge you learn here to the other cloud providers.

This particular course is by my friend and ex-colleague, Ariel who has spent a lot of time building serverless functions in production. The course is one of the highest-rated tech courses on Udemy, and thousands of students have taken it (but don’t just take my word for it, go read the reviews!).

If you’re looking to learn serverless from scratch, I highly recommend: Serverless Framework Bootcamp (check out the current price on Udemy) .

For Lambda (Advanced): “Learn you some Lambda best practice for great good!”

Learn You Some Lambda Course

The next course I recommend is: Learn you some Lambda best practices for great good by Yan Cui. I don’t hesitate to recommend any of Yan Cui’s work.

If you’re yet to hear about Yan, just Google anything about Serverless, and Yan will come up. Yan has worked in the trenches of Serverless for a long time. If you need proof, just go check out his track record of conference talks (disclaimer: you may end up feeling bad about your own work ethic!).

But, unlike the previous course I recommended, Yan’s course is not a beginners walkthrough guide, it’s a set of best practices learned from doing serverless in the real world, so I mostly recommend it if you’ve already been learning a bit about Serverless.

If you are interested in learning about real-world serverless best practices, I do highly recommend you check out Learn you some Lambda best practice for great good (check out the current price on Udemy) .