The Exact Gear I Use

After being asked approximately 4 billion times at this point for what type of monitor I use (admittedly, mostly on Instagram) I finally caved and got around to making this page of the gear, tech and apps that I use.

Let’s start with the most popular gear question I get asked, and that’s for which monitor I use.


Curved LG monitor

The exact monitor I use is LG Ultra-wide Curved 38 Inch Monitor (check out the current price on Amazon). I feel that a 38″ monitor is the max width if you want just a single screen. When I was shopping around I wanted exactly this size and resolution. I’ve had the monitor now for the well over a year right now, and have zero complaints or regrets. I’ve since used flat monitors whilst getting used to the curved monitor, and quite frankly… I wouldn’t go back! Works great for programming, video editing, movies, pretty much everything.

Also, the backlighting isn’t built-in, it’s using Govee RGB / LED Backlight USB (check out the current price on Amazon).