Best Online Communities For Cloud Engineers (Forums, Chats & More)

As I was writing an article yesterday: Can You Learn AWS On Your Own? How To Ensure Success, I mentioned that joining a community can be a great way to ensure success when you’re getting into cloud engineering.

At which point I realised that I hadn’t yet published a list of great communities (that I’m also a member of) for keeping up to date, asking questions and generally being involved in the industry, today we’re going to fix that!

Cloud Resume Challenge

Cloud Resume Challenge

This might seem an odd one to start, but one of my favourite current forums is the Cloud Resume Challenge. The actual challenge has now ended, but there’s still an active Discord channel with lots of people in it, both experienced and newcomers chatting about cloud engineering and helping each other out.

Check out the Cloud Resume challenge.


Cloud Practitioner

Anther good community is within the ACloudGuru Forum. You don’t need to be a member to view the forum’s. And there’s a lot of activity going on in there if you have any questions, it’d be a good place to go and ask. Particularly good for answers / questions around cloud certifications as that’s their speciality.

Check out the ACloudGuru Forum.

UPDATE: ACloudGuru launched a Discord chat, which is much more interactive than the forum — a good move, ACloudGuru.


DEV.TO is more of a blogging platform than it is a forum. But it’s definitely worth a mention on this list. The community is moderated to try and keep discourse civil, so it’s much more inviting than Reddit or HackerNews.

There are general tags which you can post under, and there are tags like #devdiscuss which are worth reading / posting in as they often get lots of engagement on a topic you might want to ask a question about.

Check out DEV.TO, (I follow: #cloud, #aws, #devops, #servlerless)

Ladies In DevOps

If you’re a lady who is already in the DevOps space, or you’re thinking about getting into DevOps, or even you would just like to know more about what DevOps even is, Ladies In DevOps would be a good community to join, ask questions and get involved! Another project in the long list of awesome creations from the prolific Pauline Narvas and co.

Check out: Ladies In DevOps



FreeCodeCamp is pretty much what it sounds like, a set of online resources and a community to help you get into coding. I don’t have much experience with the code camp side, but I do hear great things all time.

But, important for today is that they have an open community / forum that’s a good place to hang out if you’re looking for help, guidance or inspiration.

Check out the FreeCodeCamp Forum


I hesitate a little to mention Reddit. When it comes to these topics, Reddit isn’t very inviting. However, it can be a good place just to lurk, watch and view other comments and threads.

Comment at your own caution, people on Reddit don’t have a lot of patience. But regardless, there’s a couple of subreddits related to cloud that you might want to follow which are r/AWS, r/Cloud and r/DevOps.

Check out r/Cloud, r/DevOps, r/AWS

Go Join The Community

I’ll keep an eye out for more forums and communities in the future. Finding a good community can be worth it’s weight in gold, and almost always the best communities are the ones that aren’t very well known.

If you know of any more, be sure to let me know either in the comments, social media, etc. I’d love to update the list with any other suggestions you’ve got!

Lou Bichard