2021 Summary: A Rebrand To “Open Up The Cloud” & The Start Of Video Content

It’s now become a tradition for me to sit down and do an end of year review, if you want to see the previous years, here is 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. But wow, what a crazy year 2021 has been! Sitting down to look at the numbers, I’m even a little blown away myself. It’s been a year of really pushing myself, personally to get out there, join the community more, engage in video content.

Looking back, it’s hard to recognise where things were at the start of the year. I started the year with no real YouTube videos or subscribers, no real Instagram account, no real Twitter following, etc. In just a year, things already look incredibly different. But more on that later.

Income Report – Dec 2021

This is the first in a series of monthly income reports. In these reports, I will share where Open Up The Cloud generates it’s revenue, and where every penny is spent. Open Up The Cloud is a community-led social enterprise (read the mission). Publishing income reports [1][2] feel like a logical next step.

Open Up The Cloud Income Report

Open Up The Cloud Newsletter #27 (August and September Recap 2021)

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Well hello, there cloud friend!

The keen-eyed among you will realize this is a double-edition newsletter because there was in fact no newsletter in August! Why? Because I took a little time off! 🏖 But, we’re back to it, and for this month only, I’ll summarise two months, as opposed to one.

Let’ get into it…

What Are The Different Roles In The Cloud? A Beginners Guide.

If you’re new to the cloud industry, it’s likely you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the routes and roles to get you into the cloud industry, right? I speak to many people new to the cloud industry every day, and “what are the different roles in cloud?” is a very common question that I get asked.

Today, I’ll take you through some of the most popular roles in cloud, covering: how much they earn, how technical the roles are (e.g. if they write code, how much), and if the role is suitable for a beginner and why. Then, in the end, I’ll make you some recommendations about where I suggest you should start.

Open Up The Cloud Newsletter #26 (July Recap 2021)

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Hey cloud friends!

It’s been quiet on the announcements and new features front this last month— it must be summer! And, of course, for AWS, they’re busy stacking up their releases for this year’s Re:Invent. One great thing I’m seeing these last few months is a real increase in cloud content. So much more in-depth content, beginner content, etc which is great news (but of course means more work for me!).

Let’ get into it…

Which Is The Best AWS Region For Your Location? Based on Cost & Latency

There are many factors to consider when choosing an AWS region: latency to end-users, cost, data residency laws, inter-region latency, etc. Which makes it hard to unequivocally say which AWS region best for each unique scenario.

To give you a head start, here is a list of major countries/cities in alphabetical order, with an AWS region(s) that’s optimal, based on cost and latency.

Which AWS Region?

The data for these regions is taken from another article: Which AWS Region Is Cheapest? A Costing Report, and locations have been assessed using methods described in: How To Find Which AWS Region Is Closest To You?.