Cloud Native Software Engineering Newsletter #12 (May 2020)

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Community Content 📚

A Cloud Guru Playground —This is a cool announcement. Cloud training company ACloudGuru are now running sandbox environments that let you experiment with cloud environments from within the safety of their accounts. Which means you’re not going to overspend on your personal account, and you have less to worry about from a security perspective. For me—this is huge. It gives learners some massive freedoms to experiment, with almost zero downside.

How Learning Is Different Than Fixing — A really cool presentation from John Allspaw on post-incident write-ups. John makes the point that we should spend time crafting post-incident write-ups so that they are read, not just written. I’d like to cover more about incident management on the website in future… if that’s something you’d be interested in, let me know!

The Missing Shell Scripting Crash Course — Bash definitely isn’t in vogue, but it’s definitely an absolute staple. There are many times where bash simply is the easiest and most obvious solution to a problem. I must even admit that my own bash is still rusty and could do with some improvement. But I digress, this is a nice write up of some of the core features of bash. Definitely worth bookmarking.

AWS Lambda Roadmap 2021 Ideas — Not an article, but a Tweet from Chris Munns on where AWS Lambda will go in 2021. It’s quite an interesting thread to read about some of the challenges engineers are having in building on AWS Lambda.

The Dev Coach Content 📚

It’s been fairly light on the ground with content in the last month. Aside from the obvious news, I’ve been fairly busy chewing through the AWS cloud exams myself. I completed the AWS Cloud Practitioner last Friday. So stay tuned as I go through more of the exams, as there’ll be plenty of articles on what value I get out of the exams, and I’ll obviously be sharing plenty of tips for taking the exams, too. 

The Simplest Possible EC2 Web Server Setup Using Terraform — In this article we go through how to make a very simple EC2 instance “hello world” type application. Deceptively simple, but it’s really useful for experimenting with all the different configuration options that you have for EC2. It’s useful for experimenting with load balancers, instant states, etc.

What is Terraform? A Simple Definition — A fairly straight-forward but necessary dive into understanding what Terraform is, and how it works. Useful if you’re coming to Terraform with no prior knowledge.

10 Terraform Best Practices — This ones designed to compliment the Terraform course. In this article we go through through some important things to do, and also not-to-do when it comes to working with Terraform. Definitely worth checking out to see if you’re committing any misdemeanours!

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