The best personal investment you’ll ever make: Touch typing

Some investments pay more than others, for developers this one pays the most.

For some reason most people don’t take this topic very serious: Touch Typing. But it adds up into hundreds of hours of wasted time single every year.

When I was working my first job as a junior developer I would watch my line manager with admiration. I’ve never seen anyone that could type as well as he could. Even to this day. The most important part – he could type at the speed of his thoughts. Not hindered by the mechanical nature of his fingers.
Inspired by this I decided to learn how to type well myself. It took a couple of weeks to get used to. It took 2 months to get fully used to, but I was flying. And I’ve never looked back.
There’s many things you can learn as a software developer. But if you’ve not yet learnt to touch type – put this at the top of your list. I’m serious. It sounds almost laughable to suggest. But the benefits are immense. Over the course of your career (and life) this could be the best personal investment you ever make.

Did you learn to touch type early in your career, or later? Do you think it made a difference? Or not at all?

Lou Bichard