The Big List Of Cloud Native Engineering Resources

I spend a lot of time researching Cloud Native technologies. Also whilst editing the Cloud Native Software Engineering Newsletter I’m always looking for the best sources of knowledege and high quality content. Everything on the list is things I read, people I follow or books I’ve read. I’m not recommending anything I haven’t used.

By the end of this article you’ll know about the best Cloud Native resources that I’ve found to-date. Make sure to come back as I’ll be constantly updating this page! 

Twitter Accounts

Sam Newman — Sam went deep on the topic of Microservices, his book on Microservices is below.

Charity Majors — The founder of Charity has some entertainingly heretical thoughts on monitoring, observability and management. Also checkout her website.

Corey Quinn — The editor of Last Week in AWS and the Screaming in The Cloud Podcast. Corey helps businesses reduce their Cloud computing spend. It’s worth saying that most of Corey’s stuff is pretty entertaining.


DevOps Days — I’ve been fortunate enough to attend in the past in London. One interesting part of the conference is “Office Hours” where groups form and chat about topics that are important to them individually. Which means you can often get quite a lot out of the conference since you’re driving the agenda.


Screaming in the cloud — The podcast is quite informal chats, doesn’t get into too much technical detail and can be quite light hearted. I like it.

Serverless Chats — Hosted by Jeremy Daly, this podcast dives into the specifics of writing Serverless applications.

Real World Serverless — Hosted by Yan Cui is tales of working with Serverless in the real world.

O11ycast — A podcast exploring observability within software development, lead by Charity Majors of Honeycomb.

And if you’re not finding anything good in these recommendations, has a pretty awesome feed of tech podcasts — if you don’t find anything good there, then … there’s no hope for you.

Noteworthy Articles

AWS in plain english — All of the AWS services, but what they should have been called.

Open AWS — A very extensive Github page guide to all of the services on AWS.

The 12 Factor App — A list of principles on how to build and deploy effectively.

CNCF TrailMap — A step-by-step on how to adopt Cloud Native technologies.

CNCF Landscape — An interactive map for all Cloud Native tooling

Serverless Reference Architectures — A collection of Serverless architecture patterns.


Terraform Up & Running — If you know nothing about Terraform currently, I can highly recommend this book. It’s a great reference for Terraform concepts. Read it through, experiment and then read it some more! Covers the basics and then the more advanced parts of Terraform like modules, etc.

Building Microservices — One of the best technical books I’ve ever read. Full of very useful information on topics related to Microservices. Not just what they are, but integrating them, testing them and deploying them etc. Definitely worth a hard-copy.

The DevOps Handbook — Definitely one of the better books I’ve read on technology. Gives a broad overview of different technical topics such as Blue/Green deployments, Trunk Based Development etc.

Site Reliability Engineering — The original book that coined the term. Details, in essays, Google’s approach to ensuring site reliability. It’s really the seminal book on the topic.

Docker High Performance — I quite enjoyed this specific book on optimising Docker containers performance. Worth a read.

Youtube Channels

ACloudGuru — The ACloudGuru is good for Cloud updates, such as the latest in GCP, AWS where they have weekly shows.

GCP — The official GCP video’s and updates on Google Cloud Platform.

AWS — The official AWS Youtube Channel.

Blogs / Publications

DataDog’s Engineering Blog — DataDog seem to put a lot of effort into their work, nice graphics and good research, their stuff is worth a follow.

The Burning Monk (Yan Cui) — Yan’s Blog on Serverless and Serverless framework. Yan’s blogs often get in-depth on different Serverless topics. Also be sure to check out this post for an index of everything Yan’s ever written on Serverless.

Jeremy Daly — Jeremy writes a lot about Serverless and also runs a popular Serverless based newsletter.

AWS Blog — The official blog covering new AWS releases.

AWS Builders Library — Highly technical content written by AWS engineers covering how AWS run production systems.

Netflix Tech Blog — Netflix was one of the original Cloud Native companies.

Increment — A print and online publication by Stripe. The print version especially is very well put together.

Honeycomb — The blog of the observability tooling. Honeycomb have some fairly heretical opinions on observability topics, it’s worth a follow.

Serverless Stack — A community-driven website dedicated to getting started on Serverless.

Learning Platforms

ACloudGuru — A cloud focused learning platform. Mainly centred at passing Cloud Certification courses. You can also check out a review I wrote.

PluralSight — I don’t often use Pluralsight, but it definitely deserves a shout out. Probably the biggest and best quality training video’s available for tech currently on the internet.

O’Reilly — Probably lesser known, but a really cool platform. If you’re not aware, O’Reilly creates a lot of the technical books on the market, and if you’re signed up to their platform you get most of, if not all of them. I use it almost exclusively for technical books now.

Aggregated Lists (A List of Lists!)

Awesome Serverless No.1

Awesome Serverless No.2

Awesome AWS


Last Week in AWS — A newsletter of curated content primarily on AWS topics.

SRE Weekly — A newsletter on SRE, good for topics such as: outages and monitoring.

Skills Roadmaps

DevOps Roadmap

Know any good resources for Cloud Native Engineering? Leave me a comment and I’ll update the list!

Lou Bichard